“When we were young, we would walk the tomato fields with our father carrying a jar of water, a clean cloth and some salt and would pick, clean and eat our tomatoes right there in the field.”

–Alicia Bon Martin; 3rd Generation; Wilson Produce

Our Farms

Today, with the strength of the third and fourth generation working together, we are proud to say that we have transitioned 300 hectares of our own farms to organic management. Perhaps the goal is simple, but achieving the goal has been quite complex. Regenerating our soils and building them for optimum performance.

We support our organic system through crop rotations, using multi-species cover crops, vermicomposting, composting, integrated pest management (IPM) with beneficial insects and no-till practices. Additional support for our plants’ balance come from biology produced from our bio factories. This integrated management system helps us grow the highest quality & nutritionally dense produce. We believe in healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy families and a healthy planet.


Farm Fresh

Our family of farms choose to supply Wilson Produce with quality, fresh product because growing only the best is as much their passion as it is ours. We view our relationships with each of our farms as true and open partnerships based on transparency and trust. This way, we ensure a quality product from everyone involved.

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Food Safety

Offering a full, flavorful lineup of fruits and vegetables from field, shade house and greenhouse, Wilson Produce ensures that each one is grown, packed and shipped to meet the highest standards of food quality and safety. Food safety is at the heart of everything we do at Wilson Produce, our customers are always assured of third-party certification and complete traceability.

Our Products Taste Fresh from the fields. Guaranteed.

When something has been part of your family for four generations, there are certain things you will not compromise. Wilson Produce is guided by a family commitment to superior flavor and freshness. When it bears the Wilson’s name, it’s our best, pure and simple. If you don’t agree, contact us and we will make it right. Guaranteed!


La Roca, only a short stroll from the Arizona border, is one of the finest culinary experiences in all of Mexico. At La Roca, you’ll savor classic Sonoran cuisine made with only the freshest produce from the fertile farms of the Sinaloa Valley, the freshest seafood from Guaymas and Los Mochis, and choice beef from the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Visit La Roca Friday through Sunday evenings and dine with delight to the traditional Spanish ballads of our strolling trovadors. Ask them to sing “Besame” or “Cuando Calienta el Sol”. They’ll sing them with such heart and soul, you’ll leave La Roca with memories for a lifetime.

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