Hot, spicy, delicious flavor – that’s what makes a perfect pepper. Wilson Produce hot spicy peppers never disappoint. They are the ideal way to add zing to any meal, either in a salsa, stuffed, grilled, or in marinades.

We grow Jalapeno, Serrano, Caribe, and Tomatillo peppers to the peak of delicious flavor with just the right amount of heat from each distinctive pepper.

How We Grow Them:

It takes a Wilson Produce jalapeno pepper 60 days to grow from a seed to a fruiting plant, and 30 days for a pepper to ripen on the stem. Each pepper is carefully handpicked when it is just ripe and then hand packed and shipped directly to a store near you.

We treat each of our spicy peppers with the same care to ensure they are grown property for their species and picked at the right time to deliver them to you.


It’s easy to irritate your skin with the juice of a raw jalapeno pepper. Protect yourself by wearing disposable gloves or washing your hands promptly after preparation.