Roma tomatoes have dense, meaty flesh, with low moisture content and few seeds which makes them ideal for tomato sauces, baked dishes and salads. Wilson Produce grows firm, smooth-skinned Roma tomatoes that can be used in many Italian dishes, and any other cuisine that calls for a perfect tomato. Roma tomatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables a home chef can keep on hand, as they easily adapt from fresh, to cooked, from simple to decadent.

How we grow them:

It takes a Wilson Produce Roma tomato 60 days to grow from a seed to a flowering plant, and 30 days from flower to ripened fruit. Each Roma tomato is carefully hand-picked when it is just ripe and then hand-packed just like James K. Wilson did more than 70 years ago.


Want to know the secret to Mama Bon’s Bamoa Style Fresh Roma Tomato Juice? Cold, cold tomatoes. Put them in the freezer for the best taste!